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Bartman Litigation


Over the years Steef Bartman has acquired much experience in the various ways of solving company disputes, varying from summary proceedings to proceedings on the merits and from Supreme Court cassation proceedings to (international) arbitration. Director's liability and shareholder disputes are among his key areas of expertise.

Landmark Court Proceedings

Below is a selection of some court proceedings, in which he acted as a lawyer, leading to landmark decisions in Dutch company law. 

  • Mediasafe/Rabo, 1996 (conflicts of interests)
  • Troll Group/SEP, 1999 (demerger opposition)
  • ETH/Broadnet, 2002 (protection of minority shareholders)
  • VEB/ABN Amro, 2007 (takeover dispute)
  • COR/TNT, 2008 (workers' codetermination)
  • Bandel/van den End q.q., 2009 (director's liability)
  • Works Council/ VLM, 2012 (workers' codetermination)
  • SAAE/Tolo Green, 2014 (joint venture dispute)