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Advantages of Arbitration

The advantage of arbitration over normal legal proceedings is that parties may exercise more influence on the process itself. Also the pace of litigation, its accessibility and the anonimity of parties are perceived as  no small advantages. Recently Dutch law has been adapted to intenational standards, making arbitration even more attractive as an alternative way of solving disputes.


Steef Bartman has ample experience in arbitration, both as a lawyer and as arbitrator, in first instance proceedings as well as in appeal. He frequently performs as arbitrator for the Dutch Arbitration Institute ("NAI") in Rotterdam. As such he may be elected by the parties to solve their dispute on ad hoc basis, but he may also be involvd in the so-called "listing procedure', in which parties elect the arbitrator(s) from a list of candidates prepared by the NAI. Steef is currently acting as arbitrator in an international dispute over software licensing by a joint venture.