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Experienced lawyer

Steef Bartman has been practising company law for more than 25 years. After being a partner and of counsel with some big law firms he started his own firm in 2015. He advises entrepreneurs, shareholers, company directors and trustees in bankruptcy and represents them in court proceedings about liability, financing, restructuring, workers' codetermination and inquiry proceedings. He is frequently appointed as arbitrator for the Dutch Arbitration Institute (NAI). 


Apart from being a practicing lawyer Steef holds a chair on Group Company Liability at Maastricht University and he is an emeritus professor of company law at Leiden University. He fills a monthly column in the Mr. journal (see under Publications) and contributes regularly in Dutch legal journals such as JOR and Ars Aequi. He is the founder and main editor of the bimontly legal journal European Company Law ( He co-authored a book titled Van het concern - in English: About the Group of Companies - (9th Ed. 2016), which is frequently used for legal study and by practitioners. 

Van het concern